Coaching in Schools

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There is a high expectation on our schools to prepare our young people for life in and out of the school environment. But given that they also need to deliver the education and provide pastoral care for hundreds of children from many different backgrounds, it is possible we expect a little too much. Students, teaching staff and the schools could all benefit from coaching to allow them space to develop, ready themselves and find ways to improve.
Schools were hit particularly hard by Covid, trying to keep learning going but faced with constant change in delivery of lessons, staffing and regulation changes. Many pupils may have missed out on essential skills, such as effective teamwork and collaboration, or lost confidence by being isolated from the classroom.
For pupils, coaching is invaluable throughout school, from years 5 and 6 to help with the transition to secondary school, as well as helping with the huge changes and expectations of secondary school life and beyond. It is useful for teaching staff who need to adhere to curriculum and school guidelines, and can be beneficial for schools to navigate the expectations of parents, staff and educational bodies.