Returning to work: how to get (and feel) ready


How to get (and feel) ready

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Now that restrictions are starting to lift, many of us are aching to get back to some normality. But with this comes the apprehension of returning to a reality that will undoubtedly look different. For some, remote working has been a temporary fix and is by no means an effective long-term working solution, particularly in industries that require a lot more hands-on work. While there are downsides to returning to work, there are also many positives, such as a change in scenery for more productive work environments, not having to worry about childcare to the same degree, and reconnecting with colleagues.

Returning to work, particularly the office, seems a daunting idea when many of us have got used to the working day sitting at the kitchen table in tracksuit bottoms. However, apart from the physical changes that will need to be made, there are many ways we can ease the transition. Even if returning to work is still a way off for your company, it’s a good idea to start thinking about and discussing how you could implement some of the following:

Emotional / Mental changes:

Above all, remember to look back with positivity and see how far we have all come in the last year. We have all navigated choppy waters and have discovered flexibility, adaptability and the necessity to be kind to others. Those will all still be needed and should become part of everyone’s outlook. Post-pandemic work structures will look different for each industry and individual company, but these suggestions can be applied across the board. There’s even a useful guide for businesses available. If you would like to talk over how you can implement these changes in your workplace, or to think about ways to improve workplace wellbeing, contact me to arrange a time to talk.