Small businesses and the return to ‘normal’


The end of Covid restrictions will have been a relief for many businesses

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Finally able to return to ‘normal’, bringing staff back from furlough and back to the office. But it’s not as simple as just opening up the doors and winding back 18 months. Small businesses in particular have had a massive amount to deal with, often with the business owner assuming all responsibilities and in danger of overwhelm.

Small businesses make up most of the business population in the UK, more than 99%. And of those, more than 95% have fewer than 10 employees. The pandemic certainly took its toll with some 250,000 estimated to have folded, according to the Federation of Small Businesses, but at the same time more than 400,000 start-ups were launched. So how can these small and sometimes new businesses cope with this next step on the road to recovery?

Focusing on overwhelm
Small business owners often have to wear all the hats. Recently they have not only been trying to run a business but also adhere to Government guidelines, look after their staff welfare, create and encourage new business, and plan for the future. And that’s without considering their own family situation. We have all had to adjust very quickly and business owners have had to make it happen to keep their businesses solvent.

Working from home has been proven in many cases to be effective, so what can these businesses do to encourage and help their staff feel confident and happy to return to work?

How about the businesses? What can they do to future proof themselves? Small businesses really feel the effect when one key member of staff is out of action. It’s worth look into training and personal development so that staff are flexible and adaptable in situations of crisis and emergency, such as staff shortages.

It can be very easy for business owners to keep their heads down, simply trying to manage and survive. But it is important to take the time to celebrate the wins and don’t always chase the next target. Every success, no matter how seemingly small, adds up to the greater whole and taking time out really helps to relieve anxiety and provide reassurance that things are going to be ok.

If you need to talk through return-to-work ideas or anything to help the back to work transition for you or your staff, I am here to listen. It is good to talk and hugely beneficial to discuss your thoughts to allow you to see a way forward that will work for everyone. Call me on 07808 584732 or contact me to arrange a time to chat. You are not alone, we can do this together. I look forward to hearing from you.