The Importance of Continuous Learning

Two ladies sat at a desk with notebook and pen, listening to a Life Coach in Bromley
Two ladies sat at a desk with notebook and pen, listening to a Life Coach in Bromley
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Continuous learning is the acquisition of new skills and knowledge over time. It is essential for personal and professional growth and can lead to new opportunities as well as allowing you to reach your full potential.

My experience of continuous learning
It is something I am very passionate about. Recently, I volunteered to coach school students with the charity, Yes Futures (you can read more about that here). Coaching in schools was something I hadn’t done before and whilst it felt outside my comfort zone, it also felt good to challenge myself by doing something different. I got such a lot out of the programme, as well as learning a great deal from the other coaches and the students.

Just before the schools coaching programme, I got my results from a post graduate certificate in Business and Personal Coaching at the University of Chester. And I’m so pleased to say I passed! I did it through distance learning, as I live in the south of England, and submitted all the essays online. The whole experience was brand new - I have never been through any form of higher education. Suddenly I found myself having to do lots of research, reading and so much learning. I even added extra courses as I went along to complement and supplement my learning, including training as a Mental Health First Aider.

My biggest realisation from the course, and the one that really kept me going, was how important it is to continue learning. No matter how old you are or what stage of life you’re at. And especially regardless of your previous qualifications or level of education. That should not stop you in your passion to learn.

I won’t pretend it was easy, fitting the coursework in alongside a full-time job and demanding family life. But it makes a huge difference to be surrounded by supportive people, usually those in the same learning environment. They bring accountability and allow you to take ownership of what you’re doing – also, it’s easier to keep yourself going because if they can do it, so can you.

The external life pressures are demanding but it’s so important not to give up, even if it feels like it’s taking a long time or you’re never going to finish. If you find it overwhelming, pause for a while and reflect rather than giving up altogether. Once you’ve made the commitment, stop with the excuses. You will get such a wonderful feeling of achievement at the end.

Why did I decide to do the post grad course?
I wanted to increase my credibility as a coach and knew that this would be the best way to achieve that. I accepted it would be a challenge for me, having never been to college or university but I had a long look around for what felt like the right course for me and took the plunge.

I also felt that by extending my learning and knowledge, I would be offering more to my clients, as well as myself, and therefore giving back.

Continuous Professional Development
It’s just as important to maintain Continuous Professional Development (CPD). Some sectors require it – such as in healthcare or the legal profession. But it is useful for anyone in employment because the world we live in is changing very quickly. This has an impact on every area of our lives, especially the workplace and our careers.
Investing in CPD allows you to grow and strengthen your skills and knowledge, stay up to date with current legislation and acceptance and even progress in your career.

Continuous learning has enormous benefits, both in terms of your professional progression and your personal development. I’d be delighted to chat with you if this is something you are considering. It may not seem obvious to you at first what sort of learning you could or should do, but talking it through can help you see a clear path ahead.
Contact me to arrange a call and let’s get you on the right continuous learning path for you.