Why are we so fearful of change

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A new year is often a time of planning and resolving to change certain aspects of our lives. Many of these resolutions peter out after a few weeks, sometimes because they were unrealistic in the first place, but often because we fear change.
But why are we so fearful of change? It’s not just because we can’t be bothered to stick to new routines, it stems from a combination of evolutionary, psychological and personal factors.

Change doesn’t have to be huge and life changing. It can be a change in yourself, a new habit, breaking an old habit, a tweak to your routine, doing something differently in your business. Even these small changes can feel big and it comes down to more than simply changing your mindset – you can read more about that in my previous blog about changing perspective. It’s about actually going through the motions and process of change, allowing yourself to do it.

Think about what you want to change and why. Do you want to change your spending habits so you can save more or cope better with the cost of living? Perhaps you want to use less plastic and one-use items, reducing your waste footprint. Or it could be that you want to create more time for you with less procrastination and fewer distractions. And change doesn’t have to be for the short term. You could be considering a long term change, such as adult education or relocating your family.
It can be overwhelming even knowing where to start. The fact you’re considering change is a positive first step. If you need help getting to the how and when, arrange a call with me and I can listen to your why and lead you to unravelling the rest. Never underestimate the power of saying things out loud to someone who’s not going to judge you or discount your thoughts and feelings.
While our fear of change is natural, it's important to remember that it’s not always rational. By understanding the reasons behind our fear, recognising the importance of change, we can learn to embrace it as a necessary and positive force in our lives. Plus, by talking through the steps to get there, you will make it happen. If you’re ready to make the first steps towards change, give me a call.