Why You Need to Stop, Pause and Breathe

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Has there ever been a time when you have felt as overwhelmed as you do now? Energy prices are rising, the cost of living is going up, our working lives have taken on a new look and we are still living through a global pandemic. All that and now Christmas is looming, a time of increased spending and often family pressures. So what can we do to try and manage all this stress? Stop, Pause and Breathe.

Dealing with overwhelm
The more things we have to deal with, the more likely we are to feel overwhelmed. And often it’s the smallest things that can push us to the brink – that one extra demand on our time could be one too many. We all deal with overwhelm in different ways. Some people get anxious, some get angry, some have panic attacks. But however you find yourself feeling, there is a way you can give yourself some space and time to find some perspective.

Be more mindful
It’s so easy when you feel overwhelmed to lose sight of what has caused you to feel that way. It all simply feels too much. When you notice that tell-tale sign that you’re overwhelmed, it’s time to Stop, Pause and Breathe.

  • STOP. Take a few moments and stop whatever it is you’re doing.
  • PAUSE. Give yourself some time out, check in with what your current thoughts are and really consider how you are feeling.
  • BREATHE. Some deep, conscious breaths will give you some space between your thoughts, your feelings and your reactions.

This will allow you to recentre yourself and come out of panic mode and back in to the present.
This simple exercise gives you some space to objectively check in with what’s going on, how that makes you feel and enables you to get some perspective on how to move forwards. It could be as straightforward as breaking down your list of tasks into do, defer, delegate or delete. Or perhaps being honest with yourself about how long each task will take and give it the necessary time.

Remember you’re not alone
When you are in the depths of overwhelm, it’s easy to think no one else experiences it and couldn’t possibly understand how you’re feeling. But you’ll find that if you reach out to someone, anyone, and start a conversation, they will have felt a similar way. Taking that initial step can be hard and it shows how strong you are in acknowledging that you could benefit from some help, or someone simply listening to you.

The number one tip from the Mental Health Foundation about how to look after your mental health is to talk about your feelings. People just want to help. Sometimes it can be hard to talk to your family or friends, so you could talk to someone independent instead, such as a life coach. The benefit of a life coach is that they will listen. When I work with my clients, I hear how they’re feeling in that moment and how that fits into the bigger picture of their personal and professional life. Together we find the best ways to manage, how to utilise the Stop, Pause and Breathe method, and work on practical coping strategies. We make things simpler.
If you are feeling anxious or overwhelmed at the thought of the return to work, getting ready for a family Christmas or just life in general, I am here to talk. You can send me a message or give me a call on 07808 584732 and arrange a time for a chat or to find out more about how we could work together. I look forward to speaking to you soon.