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Our young people, the rising generations, are expected to make important decisions starting at quite a young age – what senior school they’d like to attend, what subjects to study at GCSE, A level, what career do they want to try, how about university… Do they get enough time to think through all their choices and understand the impact of making the ‘right’ ones? How can we, as parents, teachers, guardians and carers, support them through this while still letting them feel in control?
Coaching is the perfect way. It’s a relatively small investment but could make a big difference – and if it’s a choice between some coaching sessions and a new phone or gaming tech, it’s the coaching that will have the long term impact.
Children have a different set of needs when it comes to coaching. A paper by an children’s coach in Hong Kong explains that they tend to struggle with misconceptions of their ability, learned helplessness and other limiting beliefs. Given this, there is a range of benefits of coaching for young people, both in terms of their emotional wellbeing and the development of life skills. And just as with adults, it’s often easier for children to talk to someone one step removed from their environment or situation. Here are some of the key advantages:

Coaching empowers our young people on a journey of self-discovery. Through this supportive experience, they build accountability, awareness and responsibility. This newfound sense of control over their thoughts, feelings, and behaviour gives them the tools to navigate their situations effectively.
I have coached young students (people) from Year 7 to Year 13 and have seen first-hand the difference it can make in a multitude of ways. Call me to find out how I can help and support our young people on their journey of self-discovery.