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Taking decisions and making choices often requires confidence. It’s not always easy to make a conscious decision to change. The very thought can be overwhelming, you might be facing the fear of the unknown or stepping out of your comfort zone, and that can result in procrastination. Then nothing changes. But with a little bit of confidence, you will find that those choices and decisions become easier.

How confidence can play a vital role in making choices…

  • Reduces anxiety and indecisiveness. When you're confident, you trust your ability to evaluate information and make sound decisions. This reduces the fear of making the wrong choice and allows you to act decisively.
  • Encourages action. Confidence gives you the courage to take a chance and commit to a choice, even if the outcome is uncertain.
  • Boosting resilience. Even if a choice doesn't work out as planned, confidence helps you bounce back and learn from the experience. You're more likely to see setbacks as opportunities for growth.

Here's an example. Imagine yourself standing at a fork in the road. Confidence is like a good map and compass. It helps you examine the paths ahead, understand your destination and choose the direction that aligns with your goals. It doesn't guarantee a perfect journey, but it equips you to navigate with purpose and adapt to unexpected turns.

Why is it important to make choices?
Being in control of the choices you make is empowering. It’s a step on the ladder of change, helping you get to where you want to be. But it’s all in the foundations, the preparatory work. You wouldn’t build a house without foundations, so when it comes to making decisions and choices, you need to practice. And the more you practice, the less fearful it becomes – after all, practice makes progress.

How can you get the confidence to make decisions?
Some of us are naturally more comfortable when it comes to decision making. But if that’s not you, there are ways you can help yourself.

  • Gather information. When you research your options, you feel more prepared and in control.
  • Focus on values. Consider what matters most to you in the situation and choose the option that fits best with your goals and principles.
  • Start small. If major decisions feel overwhelming, practice making smaller choices to build your confidence muscle.
  • Seek advice. Talk to trusted friends, mentors or professionals – this includes coaches. They can all offer valuable perspectives and support.

Coaching can help with confidence. When you talk things through, especially with an objective third party, you will find yourself developing an action plan. As mentioned above, indecisiveness and procrastination mean things that need to change in your personal or work life simply won’t. The process of talking to someone can help you see a way through and give you the tools – and confidence - to make those choices and see the necessary change put in motion.

What does confidence look like?
Confidence can look different in each of us. Some extroverts actually lack in confidence but cover it up with the way they interact in public. Those that are introverted may find group networking uncomfortable but are very at home in a one-to-one situation. The way you dress can change how you feel - looking the part gives you confidence. You might not feel it, but at least you look it! And don’t underestimate that, it can be powerful.
You can’t feel confident all the time, even the most naturally confident people struggle occasionally – though they might not admit it. Remember the times when you felt confident and recreate that moment - what was it that made you feel that way? By supporting others, you can also help with their confidence. A bit of encouragement goes a long way. Support other people, be their cheerleader and you’ll find you’ll be treated the same way.
Remember, confidence often comes with action. Don't let the lack of it completely stop you from making choices. Take the leap, learn from the experience and watch your confidence grow over time. If you’d like to book a call with me to help you discover your own confidence and start making changes, contact me. I am here to help.